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AR & Associates was commissioned to undertake the design of civil engineering and infrastructure works along with construction supervision, contract administration and certification for the Oraha Road Special Housing Area Subdivision. The project involves the creation of 233 new residential lots over four stages of work within a 17.6ha site located in Huapai, Auckland.

ARAL was involved in providing the technical design elements required to support the Plan Variation application to rezone the land to Mixed Use - Urban allowing the subdivision to proceed. This included the preparation of the Stormwater Management Plan for the entire SHA area and the variation to the existing Network Discharge Consent. Following the Plan Variation, ARAL has been involved in the Resource Consent design for the Qualifying Development application followed by Engineering Plan Approval.

Design requirements have included the formation of road alignments and building platforms, new public roads and right of way access within the subdivision, a low pressure wastewater system, extension of the water supply network within this rural area, and the use of water sensitive design philosophies for stormwater management, to reduce the impact that this dense housing area could have to the surrounding environment. The project has also required the construction of a MSE retaining wall along the perimeter of protected bush areas.

AR & Associates also led the stormwater design as part of the infrastructure services for this development. This was based on water sensitive design principles where ARAL used the Stormwater Management Plan for the entire SHA area and a variation to the existing Network Discharge Consent, in order to establish an appropriate stormwater system for the development.

This project highlights the wide range of civil engineering skills our team can cover, ensuring a seamless transition through the various stages of development.

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