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North Shore Aeropark Subdivision

AR & Associates (ARAL) was commissioned to undertake the design of civil engineering and infrastructure works along with the construction supervision, contract administration and certification of the North Shore Aeropark Stage 2B&C Subdivision, in Dairy Flat, Auckland.

This is a high-end residential subdivision development for aircraft enthusiasts, with lots ranging in area from 2600m2 to 3800m2 approximately.

The development is integrated within the North Shore Aero Club airfield facilities and was originally conceived to offer permanent access to the airfield from private aircraft hangars at the rear of the residential lots.


The design was developed in close consultation with the North Shore Aero Club Inc as main affected party and airfield operator. The construction of airfield interface and other relevant works was controlled by on-going agreements between the developer and the airfield operator.

ARAL’s scope of work included the consenting, design, and supervision of earthworks, roading and 3-waters infrastructure, also including drawings and specifications for the sealed taxiway links to the adjoining airfield. ARAL was also involved in assisting the developer with the preparation and implementation of environmental and airfield management plans for the project.

The location and regulatory context of the project required a bespoke stormwater management design for the provision of stormwater treatment and detention for all impervious surfaces, in addition to specific requirements for water supply and wastewater servicing

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