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Golf Road Subdivision

AR & Associates was commissioned to undertake the design of civil engineering and infrastructure works for the Golf Road Subdivision in Titirangi, Auckland. The project involves the creation of 40 new residential lots over a single stage of work, set within a steep bush clad block. 

ARAL was involved in providing the technical design elements required for the subdivision to proceed. There were a number of challenges with this project, including steep terrain, very strict rules around the need to retain native bush and the management of stormwater to protect an aged and under capacity downstream stormwater network.  ARAL was involved in the Resource Consent followed by Engineering Plan Approval.

Design requirements have included the formation of road alignments and building platforms, new public roads and right of way access within the subdivision, a gravity wastewater system, extension of the water supply network, and the use of water sensitive design philosophies for stormwater management, to reduce the impact that this dense housing area could have to the surrounding environment. As part of the stormwater management system, a series of underground tanks were required to be located under the road reserve areas, to meet strict peak flow attenuation requirements to protect downstream infrastructure.


This project received a high level of praise from Auckland Council’s engineering and planning departments, and was showcased by the planning team as an example of sound urban and engineering design for a residential subdivision given in this type of urban setting.

AR & Associates led the entire project from a technical engineering, planning, resource consent, earthworks and technical support during the construction phase.

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