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Dunedin City Council

Dunedin City Council (DCC) has developed the 2nd Generation Plan (2GP) with new zones, objectives and policies for the city compared to the previous District Plan. The decisions for the 2GP were notified on 7 November 2018.  

Additionally, whilst the 2GP was being developed by DCC, central government released the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPS-UDC), which identifies the projected growth for Dunedin. This plan requires Dunedin to ensure it has provision to meet the demand for residential development capacity over the short (3 years), medium (10 years) and long (30 years) term. 

ARAL was engaged by DCC to undertake a comprehensive high-level assessment of the stormwater, wastewater and water supply networks to understand the likely impact of the 2GP zone changes, and to identify additional residential capacity to meet the NPS-UDC, to inform the necessary planning, budgeting and programming of work for the 3-Waters networks.  

This work included: 

  • Determining, at a high level, 3 Waters infrastructure requirements that will be necessary to satisfy the servicing requirements resulting from zoning changes between the previous District Plan and the new 2GP.  

  • Identifying those areas of the city in which 3 Waters infrastructure can be provided most cost effectively while allowing for the highest level of development in accordance with proposed 2GP zone changes, initially in the short term. 

  • Working with DCC on a strategic plan for the effective and efficient implementation of 3 Waters infrastructure which is aligned with the city’s vision for growth under the 2GP zoning structure and the short, medium- and long-term growth targets identified in the NPS UDC for Dunedin. 

  • Identifying a suitable litigation strategy, from a technical perspspective, to support DCC’s position in relation to 3 Waters infrastructure throughout the 2GP appeals process, at both the strategic and individual appeals level; 

  • High-level cost implications of the 2GP zone changes (residential only) and the potential cost implications of the proposed NPS-UDC zone changes (to identify and zone potential future growth / intensification areas) for each of the three-waters; and 

  • Preparation of 3-waters evidence to support DCC and to ensure council’s representation is robust and able to be presented effectively at mediation and / or in an appeals court environment. 

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