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Consent Review & Processing

AR & Associates are currently on the Auckland Council Resource Consent Supplier Panel. This is a panel of planners, engineers and other experts who are involved in the processing and provision of technical input on resource consent applications on the behalf of Auckland Council’s resource consent department.

This contract involves staff carrying out technical peer review of:

  • Land use consent applications for a wide range of activities including residential (including apartment complexes and retirement villages), commercial, mixed use, and infrastructure activities. In many cases, these applications are integrated with subdivision and regional consent requirements. In some cases, these applications have been either limited or publicly notified.

  • Subdivision applications from infill development to larger greenfield / bush covenant subdivision.

  • Stormwater discharge applications for a wide range of developments from small to very large in size including projects of national significance such as SH20 and SH16 motorways, Waterview Tunnel and Wynyard Quarter. The works includes hydrological and hydraulic analysis and stormwater management in general including stormwater quantity, quality, and stream and outlet erosion management;

  • Regional earthworks applications including reviewing erosion and sediment control plans, and general environmental management of earthworks activities;

  • Development engineering review of land use and subdivision applications , particularly in relation to flooding/overland flow path matters and earthworks matters.


In some cases, act as both the lead planner and other staff provide various technical inputs which provides an efficient service to Council and applicants alike.


Under this contract we also lead pre application meetings on the behalf of Council.


To date, we have carried out the review of some 200 applications in this capacity.


SHA Stormwater Consent Review & Processing

In addition to the above consent review and processing inputs, in 2015 AR & Associates Ltd (ARAL) was successfully selected by Auckland Council’s Stormwater Unit to help manage the volume of work initiated by new housing developments under the Special Housing Areas (SHA’s) established under the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act. The Stormwater Unit advises the Development Programme Office (DPO) (formerly the HPO) at Auckland Council on stormwater issues that arise in Plan Variations and Resource Consents for SHA developments. AR & Associates has assisted Auckland Council in reviewing and providing expert advice for over 70 different SHA planning and engineering SHA applications since April 2015.

Since the inception of the DPO, applications for development under the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act have been made at various stages of development ranging from pre-application stage, plan variation (PV), notice of requirements for designations, qualifying development (QD) /resource consent and engineering plan approval. AR & Associates has provided technical review and inputs in all these stages of applications.

Our involvement in this capacity included the review of the various applications from a planning and stormwater management perspective, preparing requests for further information and preparing draft conditions of consent. Additionally our role extended to assisting council’s Development Engineering department with review of Engineering Plan Approval (EPA) applications for the various SHA developments.

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