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Team Building Activites


Civil/ Environmental Engineering and Planning are our passion. Having a great time during team

building events could be a close contender for our second passion. After our first Team Building activity of Lawn Bowls, we thought we would go for something on the other end of the spectrum and get the adrenaline running with go-karts.

A team of 15 of us from our Auckland Office went to Game Over Auckland to test our need for speed against each other. We each participated in 3 x15 minute races each. The first two being qualifying rounds and then the last round containing the top half of qualifiers racing against each other, and same with the bottom half.

Throughout the evening, we had many champions – a champion for having the fastest time on the track (Daniel), a champion for being the most consistent racer with lap times (Peter), a champion for who took all the T-bones and crashes like a champion (Tara), but the overall champion of the day went to our very own Andres Roa.


Our Queenstown team also took themselves to a different type of extreme sport – mountain biking in the tracks of Queenstown. Although their activity was a little less competitive compared to the Auckland Office, they will forever be making our Head Office envious of the beautiful scenery they get to enjoy day-in and day-out.


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