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Team ARAL Take On Lawn Bowls

The first quarter of the year came upon us all quick, so what better way to finish off the quarter by the team putting their hand-eye coordination to the test at Lawn Bowls.

The fun factor, high!

Supporting our local community, we were welcomed warmly by the Takapuna Bowling Club where we started the evening with some nibbles and cold drinks before we were given instructions by the clubs volunteer on how the game works.

How it works

Simple! In our teams of three, all we had to do was to get our bowls as close to the small white ball, also known as the ‘Jack’.

During a game, each team member got to bowl twice. The closet bowls to the Jack at the end would determine which team won and with how many points.

With some bowls finishing right next to the jack and other finishing on the other side of the green, and some calls were too close to make – skillfully measuring distance with our feet seemed like a genius idea.

Fresh air, stunning day, good food, and a fantastic team made for a great team building experience.


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