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Success With Sustainable Design In National News

Despite being located in an area at risk of flooding, one of our projects in Takanini performed exceptionally well during the recent 27 January storm event.

We are proud to share that this same project was highlighted in national news yesterday, namely in news articles by Stuff and the Sunday Star Times.

The project is a residential subdivision in Takanini which involved a pipeless stormwater design, the first of its kind in Auckland of that scale.

It is clear: when appropriately designed, implemented and maintained, open stormwater systems, which involve the management of stormwater flows on the surface with open channels, swales and fords, are significantly more effective, robust and resilient than underground pipe systems. They are often also cheaper to construct and maintain.

Articles like this will help in our quest to shift the thinking away from conventional “structural” solutions to other more sustainable design approaches. We need to spread the word!


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