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Round the Bays 2019

Crisp, sunny weather, spirits high, shoelaces secured tight and smiles all around paints a brief picture of our awesome 5 who put their bodies up to the challenge of running the 2019 Ports of Auckland Round the Bay on Sunday March 3rd.

Our team of Andrés, José, Isabel, Andrew Nell and Hasan held the ARAL flag high while producing some impressive run times.

The champ of the day goes to José, the husband of one of our newest recruits Isabel, with a blistering time of 34m:10s, putting him in the top .6% of all competitors on the day, top 1% of males and top 1% in his age group.

Isabel also came away with some very proud stats with having a run time of 40m:59s, and placing in the top 1% of all females and her age group.

The efforts of Andrés, Andrew and Hasan also proved that we are in the company of some fit individuals with Hasan coming in with a time of 40m:27s, Andés 42m:41s and Andrew 49m:17s.

Overall it is a fantastic effort by all, bring on Ports of Auckland Round the Bays 2020!


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