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Port of Tauranga set for special delivery!

Senior Civil Engineer, Peter MacFater who has been situated in our Takapuna offices for the past four and a half years is onto his next adventure, and will soon be returning back to his childhood region to be calling Tauranga ‘home’.

We have had the pleasure of leading a number of projects in the Tauranga region over the past few years, and following client requests and our increased commitment to the region, we felt it is only fitting that we have a representative live amongst the local community and whenua; and luckily for Tauranga, there is no better person to have in this role than Peter.

Peter’s reputation has preceded him. So much so, he has already successfully secured a new and exciting project which will keep him busy as he moves to Tauranga with his family in February.

As part of Peter’s increased responsibilities and in recognition of his achievements, we are thrilled to announce Peter’s promotion to Associate – Civil Engineering. Peter’s work ethic, commitment to quality and extensive experience as a professional engineer, coupled with his business acumen ‘ticks all the boxes’ in terms of what is required from an Associate.

Well done Peter and congratulations! We wish you and your family all the best.


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