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Our Hurstmere Road Streetscape Journey

It’s a special sort of accomplishment for us in the office as we look out our window and see how our engineering work has come ‘alive’.

Back in 2016 we were commissioned by Auckland Council to undertake the civil and infrastructure engineering design for the Streetscape Upgrade that is now complete. Revitalising the road and water infrastructure was the main goal, with the opportunity to future proof the design with environmental resilience in mind, together with a much improved public amenity.

Hurstmere Road now has a one-way lane and a dedicated cycle lane and sidewalks for people to roam around safely and comfortably, surrounded with beautiful native greenery and furniture, just in time for the busy Christmas and Summer period in Takapuna.

Water sensitive design (WSD) is our speciality and where possible, we love to encourage the integration of green infrastructure solutions that achieve core engineering functions of projects with other drivers such as urban design, public amenity, safety, ecology and cultural values. It’s hard to miss the copious amount of native plants, including mature Puriri and Tī kōuka trees in 16 garden beds and eight stormwater rain gardens scattered around Hurstmere road. The raingardens play an important role in reducing surface flooding and in filtration of stormwater pollutants prior to discharging to the receiving environments at Takapuna Beach, resulting in a cleaner and safer space to live, work and play.

The construction period of the upgrade ran over schedule due to the covid response in Auckland with the city being in lockdown for over 180 days since 2020. It hasn’t been easy! But with the backing of the key stakeholders (including our own engineers), the project accelerated in the last couple of months to get it ready just in time for visitors to enjoy the ‘best urban beach’ spot in town.

Our wider Takapuna involvements have also included the Takapuna Beach Playground, a pro-bono AR & Associates design, in addition to the Takapuna Public Realm project, which as Hurstmere Road, forms part of Auckland Council’s wider “Takapuna Vision”. The Takapuna Public Realm project, which is just getting started, will see the transformation of the Anzac Street carpark into a vibrant public realm space which will enable a better connection between Takapuna Beach, Hurstmere Green and Shore City.

As we see our local restaurants, pubs, and cafés fully open their doors once again, our team can’t wait to get a coffee from one of the locals and take in all the hard work we’ve done over the last few years.


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