AR & Associates is a multidisciplinary planning, civil and environmental engineering design consultancy. With a team of senior planners,  civil and environmental engineers working under the same roof, we offer an integrated approach, clear communication and a focus on delivering high quality work that meets project timelines and budgets, while achieving the best results for our clients.

Pioneers and Innovators

Since our inception in 2003 we have challenged conventional limitations to treat every site as unique. By designing to maintain the landform, enhance natural features, protect the on-site environment and maintain hydrological characteristics, we aim to consistently deliver projects that meet and often exceed expectation aesthetically, commercially and environmentally.

Accuracy and Accountability

Delivering consistently high quality work reduces the risk to our clients, along with reduced risks to people and property. Our implementation and management of projects is thorough and reliable because we focus on getting it right first time, every time.

Integrated Approach

We promote an integrated approach where the project is assessed to ensure that the principles of Water Sensitive Design (WSD) and Low Impact Design (LID) are fully integrated with urban design, roading and earthworks to achieve a coherent, efficient and attractive result.

Committed Input from Start to Finish

When you work with AR & Associates you won’t get passed off to somebody else once the contract is signed. The person you see at the initial briefing stage is the person you’ll deal with all the way through. We pride ourselves on clear communication, project ownership, better quality outputs and value for money.

All Balance, no Compromise

The parameters for sustainable planning, design and engineering are set by the existing land use, community, economics and other project drivers. At AR & Associates we take every practical opportunity to move towards a more sustainable design within the context, circumstances and parameters of each project, so that everyone benefits — for today, tomorrow and beyond.

A Great Place to Work

In addition to having a unique approach to the work we do for clients, we pride ourselves for offering exceptional working conditions for our staff in a fun and social setting, and a culture of transparency and open communication.