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Hurstmere Road

ARAL was commissioned in 2016 by Auckland Council (on behalf of Auckland Transport) to undertake the civil and infrastructure engineering design and supervision for the proposed streetscape upgrade of Hurstmere Road in Takapuna central, Auckland. The project forms part of Auckland Council’s “Unlock Takapuna” vision, which seeks the transformation of Takapuna.


Hurstmere Road has a variety of independently owned retail, cafes and restaurants. The project provided a fresh upgrade to the streetscape in order to attract more business and appeal to this central Takapuna location.

The project adhered to Water Sensitive Design and environmental criteria set out by Auckland Council, with stormwater and infrastructure being developed in close coordination with the urban architects and landscape designers to achieve aesthetic and amenity drivers for the project.


The project involved a major public realm redevelopment which transformed Hurstmere Road, the hub of the Takapuna shopping and entertainment precinct into a more vibrant and pedestrian friendly environment, which in turn resulted in important benefits to local businesses and residents.


The project included the concept, preliminary and detailed design, and construction supervision and certification of the constructed works. Practical completion for the project was achieved in December 2021, with a total cost of NZ$13.8M.

The extent of the project covered the rehabilitation of approximately 400m of road carriageway including two major intersections. The road was transformed from a two-way, two-lane 11m carriageway servicing 6,600 vehicles per day on average, to a single lane, one-way road with the introduction of cycle lanes and widened pedestrian circulation and amenity areas. The key purpose of the redevelopment was to turn attention away from vehicles and create a pedestrian-dominated, multimodal transportation link for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.


The project adhered to strict quality, environmental and health and safety requirements required by Auckland Council, including design review and quality control workshops, erosion and sediment controls and safety in design workshops, the outcomes of which were adopted in the final design.


Key personnel involved in this project included Peter Macfater, who was responsible for the overall construction observation, quality, safety and environmental control, and client and contractor liaison responsibilities. Peter was supported by Hasan Hayalie who was responsible for day-to-day contract observation and liaison / communication tasks. Both Peter and Hasan attended weekly meetings during construction which were chaired by the Project Manager.


The project was successfully completed in accordance with the project drawings and specifications, and under budget despite numerous delays caused primarily by the COVID-19 lockdowns in Auckland.


The client was Auckland Transport for the design phase, and Auckland Council for the construction phase. AR & Associates worked under Reset Urban, who were the urban architects and head consultants for the project. The project was managed by MPM projects. Relevant contact details are provided below.


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