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Croftfield Lane

The original Croftfield Lane stormwater wetland was constructed as part of the development of the Wairau Industrial area. The wetland serves a total of 467 ha of developed urban catchment, and was constructed in the 1980’s but de-commissioned in the mid 2000’s due to weed infestation problems.

In 2008 the former North Shore City Council identified an opportunity to re-develop this device in view of the need to re-establish its stormwater treatment functions and in recognition of aesthetic, recreational, visual and other potential benefits.


In collaboration with Boffa Miskell Ltd, AR & Associates was commissioned by Auckland Council in 2010 to initially undertake a detailed options assessment for the re-development of this facility, including a catchment-wide hydrological analysis and hydraulic analysis to assess its performance, and subsequently the detailed design, costing and preparation of contract documentation which was completed in 2015.

This was a complex project that involved upgrade of stormwater and wastewater infrastructure in the vicinity of the project area in addition to the accommodation of a number of other design elements including urban design, landscape design, structural bridges, a large gross pollutant trap, wetland devices for the treatment of stormwater, high flow channel to manage effective conveyance of larger storms and the introduction of cultural and art elements. ARAL managed the entire design process as the main consultant to Auckland Council, and ultimately the design resulted in an attractive, bespoke stormwater device that achieved water quality, quantity and gross pollutant removal functions, while offering an interconnected parklike area with art elements resulting in a significant amenity improvement to this busy commercial area.


Construction of the Croftfield Lane wetland rehabilitation project was successfully completed in 2017.

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