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Apanui Linear Park

Parts of Whakatane are located in the lower Apanui Catchment area, and the area is generally flat, low-lying and subject to widespread flooding. The local streams have generally been piped or heavily modified, with the entire stormwater network being pumped into the tidal Whakatane River.

The Apanui Linear Park and adjacent park areas have been identified as providing a potential opportunity to improve the current flooding situation through the enhancement of primary infrastructure, overland flow paths and the provision of additional flood storage volumes. ARAL were commissioned to undertake a high-level study and test the project feasibility at Apanui.

ARAL developed a feasible concept design that not only provided significantly more storage than anticipated but also delivers additional project outcomes such as stream daylighting and restoration, improvements to pedestrians / shared use connectivity and the provision of additional amenity. The project will deliver environmental, amenity, cultural and social benefits to the local community.

The Apanui Stream concept includes native planting and increases ecological habitat through the daylighting and restoration of the historic streams through the parks. The concept also improves public amenity and active transport access through the provision of boardwalks, enhancing community connectivity. The concept design has been well received by Whakatane City Council and is currently out for public consultation before detailed design work commences.

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